Reiki Rays Event

Embracing Self-Treatment
& Group Practice in Reiki


Johannes Reindl

Grandmaster & Lineage Bearer Usui Shiki Ryoho

join 1-Day in-person Experiential Reiki Workshop

April 6th, 2024 – Bucharest, Romania

April 7th, 2024 – Brasov, Romania

Want to develop your relationship with the energy and practice of Reiki?
This is a sacred invitation to honor your inner healer and experience the transformative power of practicing together. No matter your degree or form of Reiki practice, you're invited to join Johannes on this empowering path of self-discovery and group healing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace the magic of Reiki and unlock your true healing potential! Your healing adventure begins—reserve your place now!

*The workshop will be conducted in English, with a translator available to assist Romanian-speaking participants.
Imagine what it would feel like to:

»  Awaken your inner healer, igniting a profound sense of empowerment and self-discovery

»  Cultivate a deeper connection with your own energy and intuition

»  Gain the confidence and skills to establish a consistent daily routine for your own Reiki self-treatment practice

»  Feel empowered to take charge of your health with simple self-care practices

»  Explore your curiosities and gain clarity on specific Reiki practices or experiences that have left you curious or uncertain

»  Connect with your healing tribe and get opportunities for collaborative learning and growth, here you can exchange ideas, insights, and techniques

»  Witness the positive changes unfold within yourself

Take the first step towards becoming the master of your own healing journey, as you embark on this enriching 1-day experiential Reiki workshop!

Event Highlights


Spiritual Lineage

Experience a transformative journey under the guidance of Johannes Reindl (the Spiritual Lineage of Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Lei Furumoto - Johannes Reindl)


Core Practices

Explore the core practice of Reiki self-treatment as the cornerstone of personal healing and growth, with opportunities for questions, discussions, and deeper immersion in the Reiki concepts


Practical Tools

Leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and equipped with practical tools to continue your journey of self-healing and personal transformation!


Guided Learning

Engage in guided hands-on experiential learning, as you practice self-treatment techniques in a supportive and nurturing environment


Group practice

Harness the power of group practice to amplify your healing abilities, facilitating shared experiences and mutual support within the Reiki community



Immerse yourself in the palpable energy of an in-person gathering, where you'll experience Reiki's transformative power firsthand

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This workshop is for you if you’re:

  Seeking to deepen your understanding and practice of Reiki, regardless of your current level or lineage

  Eager to explore the transformative power of self-treatment, group practice and collective healing energy

  Ready to take an active role in your own healing journey and cultivate a consistent self-care routine

  Looking for a supportive community of like-minded individuals to share experiences, insights, and growth with along the way

  Interested in expanding your healing network within the Reiki community

  Open to embracing new perspectives and techniques to enhance your Reiki practice

Register now and unlock the boundless potential within—your transformative journey awaits!
About Your Guide

Johannes Reindl has practiced Reiki since 1995 when he took his first-degree class in his home country of Austria, at age 17. He has travelled the world since then taking part and assisting in Reiki and Aikido workshops offered by Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki masters and the Office of the Grandmaster (OGM).

Johannes trained for mastery with Phyllis Furumoto and was initiated by her as a master in Kyoto, Japan in October 2017. Then in 2019 he was recognized by Phyllis as her successor in the spiritual lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho. This came unexpectedly to Johannes, despite having been an active participant in Phyllis’ Succession Core Team meetings. This team of Usui Shiki Ryoho masters and Second Degree students began meeting regularly in 2016 to explore all possibilities for Phyllis’ succession. Today, Johannes continues meeting with the community to continue Phyllis’ work. He lives in Linz, Austria where he offers Reiki treatments and classes, he is continuing Phyllis’ work with Reiki students across the globe.

Get in tune with Johannes's wisdom and insights by catching his captivating sessions from past Reiki Rays summits!

  • I would say I met Reiki in the perfect timing, time and timing. It literally and figuratively took me by my hands and supported me through this whole process of becoming an adult, and go deeper and finding more trust inside myself, finding more self-esteem maybe or overcome my fear of leaving comfort zone.

  • Just intention of hands on, Reiki on. This was something very reassuring and finding a place… I wouldn't say safe place because safety can be seen in so many ways, but it was a place where I felt I could develop, where I felt my development was supported, and also I felt my voice was heard; I was part of a circle.

  • Speaking for myself and what I observed in the community, we learned the value and the quality of physical presence and the importance of it, whether we practice Reiki or not, but that physical presence, being in the same room with each other is already something healing.

  • I think I understood that the core value of that practice, to start with ourselves first, not in the sense of being self-centered as egoistic and it's only about me, but more about, well, this is the place where I really can change the world. If I start with myself, if I take care of my needs, of my wellbeing, of all what I need, then I can be really open to the world around me, to people around me.

  • When I'm in person with the community and when we do self-treatment, after a few minutes there is this deep quality of… – I call it Reiki silence for now – where I feel we are called to go to a level of connectivity, of interconnectedness and of surrender together as the group communes in that moment, who comes together to become maybe one body without touching each other.

  • If I take care for my inner peace or for my inner balance or for my inner, however you want to call it, then I project that out to the world, right? And this is then, in my understanding, it's a contribution to peace!

  • There are so many things, so many demands, so many places that call for our attention, because well, we ruined the world since many years and I think what we need to do right now is not again to fix the world, but really go to a place where we can heal the world, and I think the best we can do is to start with ourselves so that we can be inspired, become creative and support others to be creative and become creative partners in this whole healing process of the world.

  • In this whole world where peace might be so desperately needed, to find peaceful moments every day, to find peaceful moments for the beginning, maybe just for a few minutes, and then maybe growing, growing, growing and becoming more and more able to hold somebody else's anger, right? For me, this practice of Reiki and this invitation to start with ourselves is really that we can become masters of life actually.

  • And I wonder if this is bringing us to a place where we can maybe heal a deep old wound, so to speak, which we all share in common, because every human being makes the experience of being separated. And so, we organize all our lives maybe around that, always looking for connection or oneness or being with someone, and maybe the gift of doing self-treatment together could be to heal as a group, as a community, the wound of separation, and maybe through a different perspective.

  • I think what this discipline can do or this form of practice can do is that it can support us to shift from a technique to an art. When we start practicing, we might feel it like a technique because it's, well, we do this and this as we have been taught, but the more we practice, it becomes part of ourselves and therefore it feels like we can become artists with this healing practice, with this healing art.

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