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A 6-Day Global Virtual Reiki Summit Featuring 25 Reiki Luminaries

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Justine Melton is a Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor. She loves to teach people how to embrace their own power and to live their best life possible. She believes that Reiki and self-love can create miracles in your life and that you are never too old to have the life you want. She is passionate about teaching, writing and mentoring in the Reiki field. She has used Reiki in her own life to heal, manifest and change in all areas. She loves to share this energy now with others. Justine is a regular contributor at Reiki Rays and can be found at
Pamela Miles
Rachel Goldberg
Frans Stiene
Ssanyu Birigwa
Ashwita Goel
Ashwita Goel
Connie Bunting
Gabrielle Anya Rafello
Tanmaya Honervogt
Mari Okazaki
Jeff Baird
Carolyn Coleridge
Deborah Lynn Strafuss
Wanda Buckner
Tina Conroy
Samantha Avery
Elaine Grundy
Miranda Powell
Lourdes Lebron
Brooke Betts
Brooke Betts
Deborah L Pecka
Kathi Rancourt
Melanie Esperon
Patti Stevens

Your Hosts

Justine Melton
Deb Karpek

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We all want to be well, safe, and happy. Perhaps you have experienced profound states of peace and unity at certain moments of your life.

You may find that you struggle greatly, trying to maintain those feelings of wholeness in your everyday life, or during times of difficulty. You may have even felt that that state of inner peace was lost for good, only a transitory moment of bliss in your life.

Life definitely has its ups and downs. It contains wonder and joy, right along with pain, illness, and loss. It is often said that the only constant in life is change.

The beautiful practice of Reiki can help you more easily find your center, coming back to calm and peace, even when life is challenging. Reiki helps you find your resilience and inner strength & calm, even when you didn’t know you had any left. That is a true gift as we navigate a life that is ever changing.

With Reiki practice, this inner resilience increases. Your body and mind more easily remember how to come into balance. And in this state of balance, a deep inner restoration takes place. What you notice might be something as mild as a headache feeling better or a lessening of anxiety.

Yet, over time you will notice that even in the most difficult of life’s challenges, Reiki practice helps you find your center. It returns you to peace and calm, even in the midst of a storm. This peace can help you navigate life’s storms more easily, making wiser decisions.

Discover the Way of a Reiki Practitioner

Being a Reiki Practitioner is a gift to yourself and a service to the whole!

Through Reiki, you unveil a more conscious way of being in and experiencing the world around you. Here’s how Reiki practice is benefitting lives around the world:

    • This powerful personal spiritual practice enriches your life in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
    • Reiki can be shared it with others. Friends, family, and animals all benefit from Reiki.
    • With Reiki, the state of balance can be accessed more readily and returned to more easily during life’s ups and downs.
    • Reiki can help you achieve deep states of relaxation and peace, and from these restorative states, your body and mind can find their natural states of balance and let go of tension, stress, and pain. Occasionally, miraculous healings happen, even in severe health cases.
    • After scientific studies that showed Reiki has a significant impact on health and well-being, Reiki is now being officially integrated by a growing number of hospitals as part of their medical care procedures, offering patients support in their medical treatments, alleviating side-effects of medication, and accelerating healing.

If you practice self-Reiki regularly, your resilience and ability to respond to life in a healthy manner will greatly increase. This often reduces illness, improves how you cope with difficult times, and increases your overall sense of well-being.

And even in times of illness, difficulty, or loss, it gives you a sense of your own role in your life and in your wellness. It enables you to do something for yourself at times when you might otherwise feel hopeless and lost.

Problems in your relationships, finances, work, and health may be caused by unconscious patterns of self-defeating behavior; those and any other inner blockages you may have also begin to dissolve as Reiki helps you to deeply access restful states of peace and get closer and closer to your full potential.

Having a self-Reiki practice also assists in expanding your self-love, self-care, and self-worthiness. As you make your self-healing a priority, your light shines brightly into the world. You inspire others to take care of and value themselves.

Many Reiki practitioners use Reiki alongside other healing modalities and tools. Reiki works wonderfully with allopathic medicine, holistic health practice, spiritual practice, or religion, such as aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, contemplative prayer, crystals, or elemental healing.

A committed Reiki practice can also lead to a full-time holistic healing business, teaching Reiki and sharing this beautiful practice with the public. Being your own boss and doing what you’re called to do on a daily basis can be so liberating!

By exploring and deepening your healing abilities, you can access and ultimately surrender to that Inner Mastery, becoming self-empowered to live your life at fullest.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, you’ll welcome them.

Reiki supports our lives in so many ways!

• Greater spiritual growth
• Increased peace of mind
• Helping us to be better parents
• Highly improved health and wellbeing
• Greater wellness in body, mind, and spirit
• Shedding of repeating self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
• Increased feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude toward self and others
• Increased feelings of connection to each other, the Earth & the Divine, or our Higher Self

Whether you are curious about Reiki, new to Reiki, or a seasoned Reiki practitioner who wants to deepen your practice, expand your understanding, or grow your Reiki business, our summit guest speakers will inspire you and support your journey!

Our guests represent a diverse range of experts, topics, and insight into Reiki practice. From creating a daily Reiki routine, working and healing with Angels, improve your Distance healing abilities, and accessing Emotional Freedom, to using Reiki in Healthcare, Aware Parenting to cultivate the genius of your child, using Essential Oils in healing sessions, and exploring self-love practices, you will find it all here!

Each of our guest speakers is a leader in Reiki; a mentor with a depth of practice and many years of experience in their specific area of study and expertise. They understand their topic personally because they have lived it and they are eager to share their knowledge with you!

Join your hosts, Deb Karpek and Justine Melton, as they guide you through this amazing event! Deepen your understanding of Reiki. Learn how this beautiful practice can support you in every way, instilling peace, wellness, and balance into your life.

During this richly transformative 6-Day Summit, you'll discover:

• Valuable insights into how to fully embody and express your healing abilities
• The positive effects of a daily Reiki practice
• Daily tools for clear energy and high vibration
• Examples of how to use Reiki as a spiritual practice in your own life
• How to maximize your child's potential through Reiki conscious parenting
• The importance of healing in your own timing, giving yourself space and self-love
• How to prevent abuse within Reiki community
• The art of holding space for others to heal using Reiki and Narrative Medicine
• Distance healing tips and insights
• Ways to face and overcome your deepest fears with Reiki
• How to efficiently use essential oils during healing sessions
• What a treatment with Reiki and life coaching looks like
• Ways to heal past lives with Galatic Reiki
• Some main methods, tools, and objects to attract an angelic presence
• Rules, beliefs, and concerns on how to practice Reiki
• The cultural difference between Reiki systems - The IEMOTO system
• Why spiritual practices are not in conflict with religious roots
• When to send Reiki for a situation instead of sending individual healing
• What is emotional freedom, why do we need emotional resilience, and how can we achieve them both using Reiki
• Ways to support Western medicine treatments, addressing disease and relieving symptoms, particularly in treating cancer and Alzheimer's, both for patient and caregiver
And many another more amazing topics...

If any of the above caught your attention...

Now is the time for you to step into the next stage of your healing and growth!

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Here are a few of the things from our amazing speakers...

As one of the world's top teachers and the leading pioneer integrating Reiki into conventional medicine, Pamela touches another sensitive and utmost important subject about the power differential and abuse in the Reiki community. You will understand what it is and how abuse in a spiritual community can happen, ways in which we can prevent it from happening and steps to follow if you find yourself in such situations.
Pamela Miles
Reiki practice is, I think, a natural for people who feel victimized because it's so simple. It involves healing presence, touch or not, as the person prefers, and it helps people experience their worthiness, and their inherent value, and that they are clean and blameless.

A major influence on global research into the system of Reiki for over fifteen years, Frans has the ability to offer new ways and perspectives of seeing and applying Reiki in your day to day life.
Frans Stiene
The secret of the system of Reiki is not the symbols and mantras, is not the Reiju or attunement initiation, but the secret of the system of Reiki is our daily personal meditation practice!

Producer of Global Reiki Webinars with Grandmaster Phyllis Furumoto, granddaughter of Hawayo Takata, Rachel invites us to see all things, and especially Reiki, as expressions and paths that leads to God, or whatever other terminology one uses related to the Divine.
Rachel Goldberg
In Judaism, one of our central mantras is called the Shema and it literally means "listen, you who wrestle with the infinite". God is one, and it's not like there's one God instead of ten Gods; it's like God is one! Everything that is, is an expression of God!

Supporting her clients through emotional empowerment for over a decade, Samantha Avery has wise and practical advice for those of you who want to increase resilience and ability to respond to life in a healthy manner to achieve emotional freedom. Her gift of touching deeply sensitive subjects with ease and simplicity will convince you that expressing your emotions can be fun, liberating, and very easy to do!
Samantha Avery
Now that is the key! "What positive action is this scenario situation forcing me to take?" Maybe it's forcing us to step up, maybe it's forcing us to walk away, maybe it's forcing us to be more self-loving, self-caring; whatever it is, there's a positive action that it's forcing us to take!

Founder of The Reiki Center which gathers like-minded Reiki Teachers all over the world, Elaine helps you go beyond your beliefs and limitations toward your Reiki practice, empowering yourself to follow your intuition and build up your unique way of healing with Reiki.
Elaine Grundy
I think also this idea of self-empowerment in terms of you cannot balance a modality with a lot of rules with self-empowerment. I mean self-empowerment is about doing what makes you feel empowered and you can't do that with rules. It's just not compatible. [...] There's no one way to learn Reiki. There's no one rule that's really stuck! With any of the lineages! And so that really gives you a huge range that you can explore and deepen your practice.

With over twenty years of experience with traditional Usui Reiki, Ashwita teaches us to be completely open to the genius of our child in aspects we haven't considered worthy of development. How conscious parenting through Reiki can really make a difference both in children and parent's evolution!
Ashwita Goel
Everything you judge, your children will often become. Everything you fear, your children will either get you or themselves into that situation. Your children are here to help you integrate the neglected parts of you so make use of this and let it help you evolve into a better version of yourself.

Alzheimer's Advocate and Ambassador with the Alzheimer's Association of Massachusetts, Deborah offers you valuable insights gained through experience on how to use Reiki to assist recipients and also caregivers in dealing with Alzheimer's disease.
Deborah Lynn Strafuss
Through deep relaxation, Reiki brings relief, often smiles and peacefulness to late-stage recipients and encouragement and calmness to caregivers. So it's a great tool for these unmanageable outbursts and griefs and challenges from this late stage.

Other topics include:

• Distance Healing
• Reiki and Angels
• Daily Spiritual Practice
• Reiki in Mental Health and in Healthcare
• Reiki and Spirituality
• Essential Oils in Reiki Sessions
• Reiki and Self-Love Practices
• Fear Management with Reiki

What People Are Saying about Our Previous Reiki Healing Summits...

I know of nowhere else in the world you can experience the many internationally known Reiki Masters, authors, and teachers, and many of their broadcasts were for free. The variety of topics covered was staggering, and whatever your level of Reiki knowledge, there was someone and something there for everyone. Keith from Bloomsburg, PA USA
The Reiki Healing Summit is a wonderful opportunity to hear from Reiki practitioners and teachers around the world. I came away in awe of the transformative power of Reiki and the diversity of its expression. These talks broadened my understanding and supported my own teaching and practice. Can't wait until next year! Very Educational and informative. Grant Preston, ID
Thank you for putting Reiki Healing Summit on - it was fantastic! I started my Reiki journey last year completing my level one and two, so I am just starting out. So as a "beginner" :) I found the speakers and interviewers to be wonderful sources of knowledge and inspiration. I gained something from every talk I was able to attend, which was wonderful. Its left me feeling more excited for this journey and inspired by the possibilities. Thank you again! Catherine Gladstone, Australia
I have learned so much listening to this summit. I enjoyed all the guests' points of view as well as their experiences, good and bad. I took away quite a few helpful hints! ( especially in the animal Reiki and any business tips). I am grateful this summit is provided for us and the price can't be beat! I so look forward to next years summit. Namaste
Your world class event gave a big boost to my practice and presentation of Reiki. I now provide an even more grounded experience for my self Reiki as well as for my clients. Monifa, Brooklyn USA
I really enjoyed the Reiki Summit. I particularly liked the fact that most of the podcasts were only 30-45 minutes long which meant that I was able to listen to most of them. There was a good range of topics and speakers. Thank you. Looking forward to the next one. Katharine, UK
Great speakers and enlightening content. I learned a lot and connected with a couple of teachers I hadn't heard talk before. Sarah, New Zealand
WOW! So many incredible Reiki practitioners in one place sharing their knowledge... very impactful on my Reiki practice. Especially the information about Reiki in hospitals and medical studies! Very interesting. Heather T Procknal Wilmington, NC
The Reiki Healing Summit was a wonderful way to hear from a variety of practitioners from different backgrounds. I enjoyed learning about new approaches to distance healings and how to talk about Reiki with people who are new to the practice. I will definitely attend future summits and look forward to learning more through Reiki Rays! Thank you for continuing to educate and connect Reiki practitioners all around the world. Sara, Boulder CO
This was a powerful summit with so many wonderful speakers! Thank you for creating this special program and bringing more focus on the benefits and gifts of Reiki. Lisa, Colorado
The Reiki Healing Summit is a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from an array of dedicated & talented individuals from around the world regarding various ways to use energy healing, how to improve your healing business, life coaching, crystal grids, essential oils, etc. Alanna, Hillsboro OR
This event really changed my Reiki practice! So much valuable information from amazing presenters! Bridget, Ithaca NY
I learned a great deal from each speaker, sometimes directly, sometimes by being directed to a book, video or article. Each speaker brought a unique viewpoint of their Reiki practice, and I had many opportunities to challenge the limitations of my own thinking. Truly mind-opening. Renee, Canada
The Reiki Healing Summit provides a fertile platform for discussion and education on a variety of Healing topics. I enjoyed it immensely, it has helped expand my knowledge and open my inquisitive mind to endless possibilities. I feel more connected with the vast Healing Community. I look forward to the next offering...With Blessings, Sonia from Yarrawonga, Victoria Australia
The Reiki Healing Summit was such a wonderful event. It was truly a pleasure to hear from so many people about different ways to apply Reiki, current research, and how others are using Reiki every day. I very much enjoyed the summit and will definitely continue to attend. Erin, Washington D.C

What you'll discover in these 6 Days:

Day 1

Ssanyu Birigwa - The Art of Letting Go and Letting Love, Reiki and Self-Love Practices

Pamela Miles - Abuse in the Reiki Community

Frans Stiene - Reiki as a Spiritual Practice

Ashwita Goel - Conscious Parenting

Samantha Avery - Emotional Freedom and Resilience with Reiki

Day 2

Deb Karpek - A Practitioner's Experience Working with Cancer Patients

Justine Melton - Reiki to Face Any Fear

Kathi Rancourt - Daily Doses of Reiki

Patti Stevens - How Essential Oils Enhance a Reiki Session

Day 3

Connie Bunting - Reiki and Life Coaching

Lourdes Lebron - Learning to Heal Yourself Through Time, Space, and Dimensions

Carolyn Coleridge - Reiki in Mental Health and in Healthcare

Tina Conroy - Creating a Daily Spiritual Routine with Reiki, Journaling, and Oracle Cards

Day 4

Brooke Betts - How You Can Only Heal Yourself with Reiki

Deborah Lynn Strafuss - Reiki for Alzheimer's and Caregivers

Miranda Powell - Angels and Reiki

Elaine Grundy - Finding Freedom in Your Reiki Practice

Day 5

Mari Okazaki - The Relation between Reiki and the Japanese Culture

Deborah L Pecka - Jikiden Reiki® and the Integrative Care System - Embrace Your Community

Melanie Esperon - Reiki and Spiritual Growth

Rachel Goldberg - Reiki Energy and That Thing Same Call God

Day 6

Jeff Baird - Distance Healing

Wanda Buckner - Using Reiki to Heal Situations

Tanmaya Honervogt - Reiki and Spirituality

Gabrielle Anya Rafello - How Reiki Can Support Us in Caring for Children and Young People

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 • Over 500 Minutes in Recorded Audio Sessions with 25 of the World's Leading Reiki Healers and Experts
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  • 25 PDF Transcripts of the Audio Sessions
In addition to the MP3 audios, you’ll also receive transcripts for each audio in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

 • Free Gifts and Special offers from our speaker guests to all summit listeners.
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 • Special prices for all Reiki Rays University courses during all 6-Days Summit for all summit listeners.
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 • Exercises and discussions on each summit's topic on our Reiki Rays Community Group.
After each summit day, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your understanding about those topics by practicing, discussing, and sharing insights with other summit listeners and Reiki Rays members all over the world in order to accelerate your learning and integrate all new information.

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