Healing Your Inner Child - Free Masterclass

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Reconnecting with, Healing & Reclaiming Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child is that aspect of you which was once free and happy, the aspect of you which was then 'tamed', bound and wounded through neglect, shame, guilt, anger and manipulation.

As little children, we form our opinions of the world and of ourselves by watching our parents. More often than not, what is modeled to us leaves us with shame related to our bodies, damaged self-esteem, fear, anxiety and anger issues and a lot more.

When a parent's inner child is traumatized and unhealed, this wounded inner child responds to life situations instead of the healthy, stable adult the parent is supposed to be. This wounded inner child comes out and hurts the son or the daughter when they trigger the parent, thus passing on the trauma, addictions and repetitive patterns.

This course helps you locate that lost and wounded inner child within you, and reconnect with and reclaim the abandoned parts of you, so that you can be joyous, curious, creative, carefree, trusting and vulnerable.

Ashwita is based in Bangalore, India, and has over 20 years of experience with Reiki and nearly a decade of experience as a past life regression therapist.

A second generation healer who was exposed to a wide plethora of spiritual teachers, she combines ancient teachings with contemporary ideologies. She was introduced to the spiritual pathway very early on, learning meditation and yoga as a little girl. During her early teens, her family was introduced to Reiki and her mother soon became a Reiki master. She spent the next many years assisting her mother during Reiki classes, not realising what she was being prepared for.

After a few years as a software engineer, Ashwita realised that it was impossible for her to realign her priorities with corporate culture, and took up Reiki professionally to help those around her cope with the fast-paced lifestyles prevalent in India’s Silicon Valley.

She teaches Reiki and meditation, and facilitates recovery through Reiki and other methods of energy healing, EFT, hypnotherapy and past life therapy online and in person. She has conducted teaching and healing programs in several multinational companies, business schools and charity hospitals.

Her books Healing Through Reiki, Healing Through the Elements, Psychic Attacks and others are available as eBooks and paperbacks on Amazon.

She can be reached through her website www.Reiki-Bangalore.com, blog www.ashwita.com/zen or her facebook page.

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