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Featured Speakers

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Justine Melton is a Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor. She loves to teach people how to embrace their own power and to live their best life possible. She believes that Reiki and self-love can create miracles in your life and that you are never too old to have the life you want. She is passionate about teaching, writing and mentoring in the Reiki field. She has used Reiki in her own life to heal, manifest and change in all areas. She loves to share this energy now with others. Justine is a regular contributor at Reiki Rays and can be found at
Pamela Miles
Kathleen Prasad
Pauline Capalbo
Richard Ellis
Rachel Goldberg
Ashwita Goel
Angie Buxton-King
Michelle Remeny
Nicholas Pearson
Becky Hernandez
Rev. Terri Ann Heiman
Tonya Godin-McLaughlin
Walter Lubeck
Corie Chu
Gisela Stewart
Taryn Walker
Angela Coleman
Robert Fueston
Brighid Murphy
Angela Abbott
Brian Kukan
Christine Radice
Shailja Kapur
Sam Goddard
Dr Karen Janes
Stephanie Drane
Michele Lowry
Ranjini Rao
Amanda White
Arthur Baird
Sandy Evans Pullin
Dhwani Parikh
Cristina Barcenilla
Kriss Erickson
Pamela Allen-LeBlanc

Your Hosts

Angie Webster
Kathleen Johnson

We all have the power to restore balance and peace within ourselves.

Reiki helps us to discover that.

Modern life teaches us to hurry and multitask and is often very stressful. Many of us never know that our bodies and minds naturally seek balance, wellness, and resilience. Yet this ability is built into us from birth.

Reiki practice can help you learn to more readily access this state of balance and return to it more easily during life’s ups and downs, helping you to gain better clarity, wellness, and calm.

Reiki is a spiritual practice and healing modality which promotes deep states of relaxation and peace. From these restorative states, the body and mind can find their natural states of balance and let go of tension, stress, and pain.

Even unconscious patterns of self-defeating behavior, which may contribute to problems in our relationships, finances, work and health, may begin to dissolve as Reiki helps us to deeply access restful states of peace.

Regular Reiki practice promotes overall balance and resilience, reducing the effects of stress on our bodies and minds. This often reduces illness, improves how we cope with difficult times, and increases our overall sense of well-being.

• Learn how the Reiki precepts are a guide to our greater wellbeing, happiness, and health
• Learn how Reiki can play a supportive role in cancer care
• Hear research that supports Reiki as a practice and a healing modality for greater wellness and improved health

Reiki empowers us in our own wellness and inner peace. In times of illness, difficulty, or loss, it gives us a sense of our own role in our lives and in our wellness. It enables us to do something for ourselves at times when we might otherwise feel hopeless and lost.

• Learn how Reiki can support us during times of transition and difficulty

Reiki is a powerful personal spiritual practice which deeply nourishes us—mind, body, and spirit.

• Learn more about the origins of Reiki as a spiritual practice
• Learn tools for using Reiki for self-healing
• Hear about the lineage of Jikiden Reiki, stemming from the original roots of spiritual practice and martial arts of Reiki in Japan

Reiki is a supportive spiritual practice or tool. Much like yoga, meditation, or contemplative prayer, Reiki can be practiced regardless of your religious beliefs.

• Learn more about the Reiki spiritual journey and personal transformation
• Discover how Reiki can strengthen and renew your current spiritual support system or meditation practice
• Learn why Reiki practice can help us deepen our understanding of concepts such as emptiness and non-duality

Reiki is a wonderful gift to share with anyone! Reiki is an especially wonderful practice to share with animals! Sharing Reiki with others often enriches our own personal Reiki practice.

• Learn how animal Reiki can help deepen your understanding of energy and reconnect you with Nature, yourself, and all of life
• Learn the “Animal Reiki Code of Ethics”
• Learn the joys and wonders of sharing Reiki with horses
• Learn the magic of sharing Reiki with children

Reiki is a beautiful practice to use alongside other tools. It even works at great distances!

• Learn about Reiki and drumming, music and other sound frequencies
• Learn about Reiki and numerology
• Learn to work with Reiki in elemental healing
• Learn how Reiki can support the healing of women
• Discover why animal Reiki practice sometimes leads to enhanced animal communication skills
• Learn more about how distant Reiki works and how to discuss that with others

Reiki helps us to heal on deeper levels than we might have imagined possible

• Learn how to grow and deepen your compassion with Reiki
• Learn how Reiki can help us heal our inner child, freeing us from the wounds of the past and deepening our personal growth
• Learn why self-care is critical to the well-being of our world—and why healers must make it a priority
• Discover how Reiki can help us reconnect with our own bodies and their innate healing abilities

Reiki can become an integral part of our daily lives. We can learn to incorporate our practice into all that we do. As we work with Reiki more deeply, we change, and our lives change.

• Learn how Reiki can be used to support your meditation practice
• Learn many practical ways to use Reiki in your everyday life

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Reiki supports our lives in so many ways!

• Greater spiritual growth
• Increased peace of mind
• A greater sense of balance in body, mind, and spirit
• Shedding of repeating self-limiting beliefs and behaviors
• Increased feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude toward self and others
• Increased feelings of interconnectedness with each other, with Nature, and with all things

Whether you are curious about Reiki, new to Reiki, or a seasoned Reiki practitioner who wants to deepen your practice, expand your understanding or grow your Reiki business, our summit guest speakers will educate you and support your journey!

Each of our guest speakers is a leader in Reiki, with a depth of practice and many years of experience in their specific area of study and expertise. They understand their topic personally because they have lived it, worked with it, and grown their understanding. Now they are eager to share their knowledge with you!

Our guests represent an incredibly diverse range of experts, topics, and insight into Reiki practice. From spiritual practice, animal Reiki, meditation, and numerology to Reiki research, cancer care, transition, and self-care, you will find it all here!

Listen as our speakers help you—

• Truly understand what Reiki is and what it does, as well as what to expect from it
Renew your relationship with yourself and your Reiki practice
Clarify how to discuss Reiki in a way that is helpful and can be understood
Work with Reiki in practical ways that truly support yourself and others
Consider ways to work with Reiki that you have not thought of before

Here are a few of the things from our amazing speakers…

Kathleen Prasad
Animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad returns to our Spring Summit to share with us the ‘Animal Reiki Code of Ethics.’
Pauline Capalbo
Pauline Capalbo gives us many amazing tools and deep insights on ways to use Reiki for self-healing.
Angie Buxton-King
Angie Buxton-King shares her wealth of information about Reiki and cancer care, based on both deep personal insight, as well as many years of professional practice.
Stephanie Drane
Stephanie Drane enlightens us on the many ways we can make Reiki part of our everyday lives—and enrich our lives in the process.
Angela Abbott
Angela Abbott explores how we can use Reiki for self-care and why self-care is so important, especially for those doing healing work.
Nicholas Pearson
Nicholas Pearson teaches us about how the Reiki precepts can wisely guide us to healthier, happier lives and help shape our spiritual path.
Ashwita Goel
Ashwita Goel guides us to helpful ways that Reiki can help us heal our inner child, and why this is necessary work.
Shailja Kapur
Shailja Kapur explores the importance of meditation and how Reiki can support us in that practice.
Kathleen Johnson
Summit host Kathleen Johnson shares with us the joys of teaching Reiki to children and the benefits that Reiki has for them.
Angie Webster
Summit host Angie Webster explores Animal Reiki, how it is different, and the many ways that this practice can benefit us as well as the animals we practice with.

Other topics include:

• Reiki and Numerology
• Cultivating Compassion through Reiki Practice
• Reiki Research
• Reiki and Transition
• The Reiki Journey
• Reiki Drumming
• Jikiden Reiki
• Distant Reiki
• Reiki as a Spiritual Practice

Join your hosts, Angie Webster and Kathleen Johnson, as they guide you through this amazing event! Deepen your understanding of Reiki. Learn how this beautiful practice can support you in every way, instilling peace, wellness, and balance into your life.

Join us and expand your journey!

Here are few testimonials

from the previous summit attendees

I know of nowhere else in the world you can experience the many internationally known Reiki Masters, authors, and teachers, and many of their broadcasts were for free. The variety of topics covered was staggering, and whatever your level of Reiki knowledge, there was someone and something there for everyone. Keith from Bloomsburg, PA USA
The Reiki Healing Summit is a wonderful opportunity to hear from Reiki practitioners and teachers around the world. I came away in awe of the transformative power of Reiki and the diversity of its expression. These talks broadened my understanding and supported my own teaching and practice. Can't wait until next year! Very Educational and informative Grant Preston, ID
Thank you for putting Reiki Healing Summit on - it was fantastic! I started my Reiki journey last year completing my level one and two, so I am just starting out. So as a "beginner" :) I found the speakers and interviewers to be wonderful sources of knowledge and inspiration. I gained something from every talk I was able to attend, which was wonderful. Its left me feeling more excited for this journey and inspired by the possibilities. Thank you again! Catherine - Gladstone, Australia
I have learned so much listening to this summit. I enjoyed all the guests' points of view as well as their experiences, good and bad. I took away quite a few helpful hints! ( especially in the animal Reiki and any business tips). I am grateful this summit is provided for us and the price can't be beat! I so look forward to next years summit. Namaste
Your world class event gave a big boost to my practice and presentation of Reiki. I now provide an even more grounded experience for my self Reiki as well as for my clients. Monifa Brooklyn USA
I really enjoyed the Reiki Summit. I particularly liked the fact that most of the podcasts were only 30-45 minutes long which meant that I was able to listen to most of them. There was a good range of topics and speakers. Thank you. Looking forward to the next one. Katharine, UK
Great speakers and enlightening content. I learned a lot and connected with a couple of teachers I hadn't heard talk before. Sarah, New Zealand.
WOW! So many incredible Reiki practitioners in one place sharing their knowledge... very impactful on my Reiki practice. Especially the information about Reiki in hospitals and medical studies! Very interesting. Heather T Procknal Wilmington, NC
The Reiki Healing Summit was a wonderful way to hear from a variety of practitioners from different backgrounds. I enjoyed learning about new approaches to distance healings and how to talk about Reiki with people who are new to the practice. I will definitely attend future summits and look forward to learning more through Reiki Rays! Thank you for continuing to educate and connect Reiki practitioners all around the world. - Sara in Boulder, CO
This was a powerful summit with so many wonderful speakers! Thank you for creating this special program and bringing more focus on the benefits and gifts of Reiki. Lisa, Colorado
The Reiki Healing Summit is a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn from an array of dedicated & talented individuals from around the world regarding various ways to use energy healing, how to improve your healing business, life coaching, crystal grids, essential oils, etc. Alanna, Hillsboro OR
This event really changed my Reiki practice! So much valuable information from amazing presenters! Bridget, Ithaca, NY
I learned a great deal from each speaker, sometimes directly, sometimes by being directed to a book, video or article. Each speaker brought a unique viewpoint of their Reiki practice, and I had many opportunities to challenge the limitations of my own thinking. Truly mind-opening. Renee, Canada
The Reiki Healing Summit provides a fertile platform for discussion and education on a variety of Healing topics. I enjoyed it immensely, it has helped expand my knowledge and open my inquisitive mind to endless possibilities. I feel more connected with the vast Healing Community. I look forward to the next offering...With Blessings, Sonia from Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia
The Reiki Healing Summit was such a wonderful event. It was truly a pleasure to hear from so many people about different ways to apply Reiki, current research, and how others are using Reiki every day. I very much enjoyed the summit and will definitely continue to attend. - Erin, Washington, D.C.

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Here's the session schedule for the Summit:

Day 1, May 21 2018

Pamela Miles - Reclaiming Reiki as a Spiritual Practice

Kathleen Prasad - Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics

Rachel Goldberg - Cultivating a Global Reiki Community of Connection, Collaboration, & Service

Nicholas Pearson - The Reiki Precepts: Spiritual Heart of the System of Reiki

Angela Abbott - Reiki for Self-Care and Personal Growth

Christine Radice - Cultivating Compassion Through Reiki and Meditation

Brighid Murphy - Jikiden Reiki

Day 2, May 22 2018

Pauline Capalbo - Self-Healing Using Reiki

Angie Buxton-King - Integrating Reiki into Cancer Care

Walter Lübeck - The Spiritual Path of the Reiki Master

Ashwita Goel - Inner Child Healing Through Reiki

Corie Chu - Reiki and Numerology

Taryn Walker - Distant Reiki

Day 3, May 23 2018

Angela Coleman - Reiki Research

Michele Lowry - How Animal Reiki Opened My Doors to Animal Communication

Robert Fueston - Reiki Practice

Dhwani Parikh - Panchmahabhuta - 5 Elements of Nature

Rev. Terri Ann Heiman - Transitioning with Ease: How to Use Reiki to Get Through Difficult Changes in Life

Kriss Erickson - Reiki and Universal Frequencies/Vibrations

Day 4, May 24 2018

Brian Kukan - Reiki and the Cancer Community

Sam Goddard - Reiki and Children: An Alternative Approach to Childhood & Childcare

Michelle Remeny - Timing is Everything: The Benefits of Living in the Flow of Reiki

Shailja Kapur - Reiki and Meditation

Tonya Godin-McLaughlin - Reiki and Womb Healings

Sandy Evans Pullin - How I Began my Reiki Path

Day 5, May 25 2018

Stephanie Drane - Reiki for Everyday Life

Pamela Allen-LeBlanc - Reiki Healing with Horses

Gisela Stewart - Reiki and the Body's Amazing Natural Healing Ability

Ranjini Rao - Reiki Journey Through Personal Transformation

Cristina Barcenilla - Angels and Archangels

Amanda White - The Precepts: Non-Duality

Day 6, May 26 2018

Angie Webster - Animal Reiki

Kathleen Johnson - Teaching Reiki to Children

Richard Ellis - The Importance of Emptiness in our Reiki Practice

Becky Hernandez - Distance Healing - Clearing Spaces & Its Limitless Possibilities

Arthur Baird - Reiki Drumming

Dr Karen Janes - Why We Don't Use Our Reiki More

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