Reiki Healing Summit Winter 2018

Epic Virtual Reiki Event - Starts January 22, 2018

Practical Insights for Increased Peace, Resilience, Joy & Wellness

Featured Speakers

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Justine Melton is a Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor. She loves to teach people how to embrace their own power and to live their best life possible. She believes that Reiki and self-love can create miracles in your life and that you are never too old to have the life you want. She is passionate about teaching, writing and mentoring in the Reiki field. She has used Reiki in her own life to heal, manifest and change in all areas. She loves to share this energy now with others. Justine is a regular contributor at Reiki Rays and can be found at
Pamela Miles
Kathleen Prasad
Colleen Benelli
Robyn Benelli
Phillip Hawkins
Ann Baldwin
Kathleen Johnson
Justine Melton
Kate Jones
Richard Ellis
Dr. Beena Rani Goel
Deborah Flanagan
Nicholas Harris
Teri Van Horn
Elaine Grundy
Deborah Lloyd
Lisa Powers
Walter Lubeck
Deb Karpek
Karen Harrison
Patti Deschaine
Dawn Fleming
Tammy Hatherill
Elise Brenner
Dr Karen Janes
Paula Vanderzon
Haripriya Suraj
Tiffany Hunter
Alice Langholt
Marsha Drozdoff
Joao Antao Marques
Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD
Kerry Blank
Darshan Bafna
Marla Mervis
Rinku Patel

Your Hosts

Angie Webster
Ashwita Goel

We all have the power to restore balance and peace within us.

Reiki helps us to discover that.

Modern life teaches us to hurry and multitask and is often very stressful. Many of us never know that our bodies and minds naturally seek balance, wellness, and resilience. Yet this ability is built into us from birth.

Reiki can help you learn to more readily access this state of balance and return to it more easily during life’s ups and downs, helping you to gain better clarity, wellness, and calm.

Reiki is a spiritual practice and healing modality which promotes deep states of relaxation and peace. From these restorative states, the body and mind can find their natural states of balance and let go of tension, stress, and pain.

Even unconscious patterns of self-defeating behavior, which may contribute to problems in our relationships, finances, work and health, may begin to dissolve as Reiki helps us to deeply access restful states of peace.

Regular Reiki practice increases our resilience and our ability to respond to life in a healthy manner. This often reduces illness, improves how we cope with difficult times, and increases our overall sense of well-being.

• Learn how Reiki affects the body and mind
• Learn why Reiki helps to promote greater health and wellness, from a medical standpoint
• Hear research that supports Reiki as a practice and a healing modality for greater wellness and improved health

Reiki is a powerful personal spiritual practice that enriches our lives in every way. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

• Learn how to deepen your Reiki practice
• Learn the importance of daily self-Reiki and get support if you are struggling
• Learn why Reiki is a personal spiritual practice, first and foremost

Reiki practice can also be shared with others, as a healing modality. Friends, family, and animals all benefit from Reiki as it also activates feelings of deep peace within them.

• Learn how Reiki works with animals and how this is different than sharing Reiki with people
• Learn different methods of working with and sharing Reiki

Reiki can even be shared from great distances! Both people and animals feel great peace and benefit from distant Reiki.

• Learn more about how distant Reiki works and how to discuss that with others

Many become so committed to Reiki practice that they decide to make it a full- time holistic healing business, teaching Reiki and sharing this beautiful practice with the public.

• If you feel called to spread the joy of Reiki, learn how to build your business.
• Learn how to effectively talk about Reiki with others

Learn how this beautiful tool can support you, no matter what other tools and modalities you already work with.

• Reiki works well with any other healing modality, including Western medicine and other holistic health practices or spiritual practices
• Hear from several healthcare professionals and seasoned researchers in the medical field about the ways that Reiki supports us and helps us to heal and find greater mental and emotional peace
• Learn about other modalities that Reiki can be combined with, such as aromatherapy, flower essences, reflexology, crystals, ceremonial work, and elemental healing

Reiki is not a religion. Rather it is a supportive spiritual practice. Reiki can be used alongside other spiritual practices or religions, just as yoga, meditation, or contemplative prayer can be.

• Learn how Reiki can support ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, baby blessings, and in our practices of gratitude and letting go of the past
• Discover how Reiki can strengthen and renew your current spiritual support system
• Learn how Reiki can improve your current meditation practice
• Hear how Reiki and the Angels often work together

Reiki empowers us in our own wellness and inner peace. In times of illness, difficulty, or loss, it gives us a sense of our own role in our lives and in our wellness. It enables us to do something for ourselves at times when we might otherwise feel hopeless and lost.

• Healthcare professionals share the important role that Reiki can play in the wellness of patients, including giving them a renewed sense of empowerment, peace, and well-being.

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Reiki supports our lives in so many ways!

• Increased peace of mind
• Greater spiritual growth
• Increased feelings of connection to each other, the Earth & the Divine or our Higher Self
• Greater wellness in body, mind, and spirit
• Increased feelings of love, compassion, and gratitude toward self and others
• Shedding of repeating self-limiting beliefs and behaviors

Whether you are curious about Reiki, new to Reiki, or a seasoned Reiki practitioner who wants to deepen your practice, expand your understanding or grow your Reiki business, our summit guest speakers will inspire you and support your journey!

Our guests represent a diverse range of experts, topics, and insight into Reiki practice. From Animal Reiki, Angels, meditation, and crystals to Reiki research, Reiki in healthcare, speaking about Reiki to the public and building a Reiki business, you will find it all here!

Each of our guest speakers is a leader in Reiki, with a depth of practice and many years of experience in their specific area of study and expertise. They understand their topic personally because they have lived it and they are eager to share their knowledge with you!

Listen as our speakers help you!

• Truly understand what Reiki is and what it does, as well as what to expect from it
Renew your relationship with yourself and your Reiki practice
Clarify how to discuss Reiki in a way that is helpful and can be understood
Practice in a way that truly supports yourself and others
• Give you pointers in building a Reiki business

Here are a few of the things you can expect from our amazing speakers…

Kathleen Prasad
Animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad explains how Animal Reiki is different from Reiki with people and why our approach matters to us and the animals we work with.
Phillip Hawkins
Phillip Hawkins shows us how Reiki is a tool for personal growth and development, which can bring down walls, open us to new possibilities, and help us shed limiting behaviors and thought patterns.
Rinku Patel
Rinku Patel shares amazing insights about crystals and how we can harness their magical power to enhance the healing process, to augment the power of the Reiki life force energy.
Justine Melton
Justine Melton gives us an amazing gift--permission to be imperfect and human. She shows us how Reiki teaches us self-love and self-acceptance, giving us a platform for healing.
Colleen & Robyn Benelli
Colleen & Robyn Benelli offer wonderful insights into using Reiki to enhance the use of ceremony in our lives—and some tips on weaving Reiki into beautiful new healing ceremonies.
Dr. Karen Janes
Dr. Karen Janes shares her extensive experience with Reiki as a healthcare professional. She explains why Reiki can be very supportive for both the healthcare provider and the patient, as well as how to discuss Reiki in a healthcare setting.
Dr. Ann Baldwin
Dr. Ann Baldwin’s decades of experience as a researcher have led her to extensively study Reiki and its effects. Listen as she shares her findings on Reiki from a scientific perspective.
Dawn Fleming
Dawn Fleming has wise and practical advice for those who are passionate about Reiki practice and want to make it their livelihood. Learn how she created a thriving Reiki business.
Karen Harrison
Karen Harrison teaches us many helpful tools for empaths to employ for clearing and protecting their energy.
Deborah Lloyd
Deborah Lloyd shares her history of working with the Angelic realm and how they have helped her in her Reiki practice.

Other topics include:

• Community Outreach & Speaking about Reiki to the Public
• Crystals
• Distant Reiki
• Meditation & Reiki
• Deepening your Reiki Practice
• Connecting with the Body
• Energetic Protection

Your hosts, Angie Webster and Ashwita Goel will guide you through this amazing event as you learn how Reiki can support all areas of your life, bringing peace, wellness, and balance.

Come deepen your journey with us!

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Here's the session schedule for the Summit:

Day 1, January 22 2018

Pamela Miles - Reiki and Healthcare

Kathleen Prasad - Animal Reiki

Richard Ellis - Your Body Never Lies

Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli - Officiate Ceremonies with Reiki

Deb Karpek - Reiki Business

Dawn Fleming - Reiki Business

Day 2, January 23 2018

Ashwita Goel - Healing through the Elements

Elaine Grundy - Deepening your Reiki Practice

Darshan Bafna - The Principles of Reiki in Modern Day Living

Kerry Blank - Reiki and Aromatherapy

Rinku Patel - Crystals and Reiki

Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD - The Rise of Narcissists and Emotional Vampires - Protecting and Healing ourselves with Reiki

Day 3, January 24 2018

Patti Deschaine - Animal Reiki

Walter Lübeck - Reiki and Meditation

Phillip Hawkins - Reiki Personal Development

Justine Melton - Reiki and Self Love

Marla Mervis-Hartmann - Reiki and Weight Balance and Positive Body Image

Alice Langholt - Manifesting Made Simple

Day 4, January 25 2018

Angie Webster - Reiki and Earth Energies

Lisa Powers - Deepening Your Reiki Practice

Dr Karen Janes - Reiki and Healthcare

Haripriya Suraj - Angels and Reiki

Deborah Lloyd - Angels and Reiki

Kathleen Johnson - Distant Reiki

Day 5, January 26 2018

Elise Brenner - Reiki Outreach

Kate Jones - Reiki and Healthcare

Nicholas Harris - The Power of Consciousness for Healing

Beena Rani Goel - Reiki and Healthcare

João Antão Marques - Distant Reiki

Paula Vanderzon - Deepening your Reiki Practice

Day 6, January 27 2018

Deborah Flanagan - Reiki Business

Ann Baldwin - Reiki and Healthcare

Marsha R. Drozdoff - Reiki and Healthcare - Reiki in Cancer Care

Teri Van Horn - Psychic Protection

Karen Harrison - Reiki for Empaths

Tiffany Hunter - Clearance of Abuse and Emotional Blocks with Reiki

Tammy Hatherill - Deepening your Reiki Practice

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